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Free to a good home: HP J210 (pa-risc), SGI O2 (mips), and lots of Sun sparcstations


Free to a good home:

 * 1x HP J210. Dual 120Mhz 64-bit PA-RISC, HVD SCSI; 2GB HVD disk
   included. These disks are hard to find.
 * 1x SGI O2. I've forgotten its specs off-hand, but I think it's
   180Mhz. It sometimes doesn't power up, and sometimes does. It has
   an add-on board for video processing.
 * ~20x Complete SS10s, 20s, 4s, 5s (sparc32) and an Ultra 1 (sparc64).
 * ~30x Motherboards for SS4s and SS5s.

The SS4s (110Mhz) can run NEXTSTEP, which is nice, if you like that.

No catch; I'm just clearing out some things I don't need. If nobody
responds, I'll throw them all away on the 15th of september.

I'm in Brighton. Come and get what you like; you must have your own
transport. A car will suffice. The J210 weighs a hell of a lot, but
it's fine in the boot of a car.

Please email me directly and let me know what you're after (and convince
me you'll put it to good use!); I'm not subscribed to the list (and I'm
sure people who are don't want to see lots of "I'd like such-and-such"
responses, anyway).



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