Subject: Re: pkgsrccon in .uk?
To: Stephen Borrill <>
From: Adrian Portelli <>
List: regional-london
Date: 08/25/2007 00:27:30
Stephen Borrill wrote:
> I see there is some discussion about where to hold the next pkgsrccon
> and I believe that Adrian has proposed London (which is getting flack
> for being expensive to stay in, etc.).

Hmmm, unless people have discussed it further since I mentioned it, this
wasn't how I remember the reaction.  Most people were actually quite
open to it and the US based ppl liked it as well as it meant less travel
for them as they could fly directly into London.

> If there was interest, I could
> look at organising it in Cambridge. I could probably arrange
> accommodation at one the colleges (depending exactly when it is held)
> and access to a lecture theatre. It's also easy to get to from Stansted.

As always this is the issue that I think will end up determining it.  We
need a) a place to host it and b) people willing to organise it c)
consensus on the location.  I haven't discussed a) with any people from
London but I also don't think b) will be an issue.  The real issue is to
poll a the developers and get a reaction on c).