Subject: Re: Various bits up for grabs
To: Chris Pinnock <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: regional-london
Date: 09/03/2006 19:10:23
Chris Pinnock wrote:
> Various bits - if you are interested drop me a note. I'm afraid you may have
> to come and collect them, or pay postage - nothing special here, just
> sometimes people like other peoples junk. End of month (Sept), the bits go
> for recycling.
> Hard drives have been removed because of disposal required for the original
> projects.
> Don't care who gets the hardware - I would prefer that the books go to
> people who are likely to use them for NetBSD.
> 0. The MIPS Programmers Handbook. An Introduction to 68000 Assembly Language
> (Penfold and Penfold). PowerPC programming (Newnes). 

Could I lay claim to the PowerPC book if no one else has already? I'm
trying to sort out NetBSD booting problems on the last generation of 12"
Apple Powerbooks, but I only know SPARC and m68k assembler.