Subject: Various bits up for grabs
To: None <>
From: Chris Pinnock <>
List: regional-london
Date: 09/03/2006 17:39:23
Various bits - if you are interested drop me a note. I'm afraid you may have
to come and collect them, or pay postage - nothing special here, just
sometimes people like other peoples junk. End of month (Sept), the bits go
for recycling.

Hard drives have been removed because of disposal required for the original

Don't care who gets the hardware - I would prefer that the books go to
people who are likely to use them for NetBSD.

0. The MIPS Programmers Handbook. An Introduction to 68000 Assembly Language
(Penfold and Penfold). PowerPC programming (Newnes). 

1. One ATX case with Gigabyte Technologies Motherboard GA-5AX, with AMD K2
500Mhz processor (586) (and 3x128Mb). The sides of the case open to allow
easy accessability to the motherboard and devices. USB sockets at the front.
No hard drive or CD-ROM. If it hadn't been a pain to shift motherboards
around from old equipment, I would have kept this case - probably the best
homebrew case I've had. Has graphics card.

2. One ATX case with PC100 M599LMR socket 7 motherboard with Cyrix 333Mhz
processor (686). No CD-ROM drive. No hard drives. Superfloppy drive 120MB
floppy LS120 - may be able to find some media for this.

3. Compaq keyboard. Unbranded mouse.

4. Five kettle leads. Various other cables.

5. Four CPU fans for Athlon/Duron. Thermal Compound.

Chris Pinnock
Skype: drchrispinnock

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