Subject: Chiswick 5th october evening/UKUUG BSD minicon
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: regional-london
Date: 10/03/2005 13:38:31
     UKUUG minicon:

 	The UKUUG is having a BSD minicon at the spring LISA conf.
 	An opportunity for some NetBSD-advocacy, perhaps ?  pkgsrc,
 	maybe ?

 	If replying to this please drop
 	from the cc list.

     Chiswick 5th october evening:

 	If you're in London and not adverse to meeting other
 	NetBSD users/developers then I'd suggest joining the list - posts tend to be very

 	Beer & food evening for anyone interested...

 	Meeting in the 'George IV' pub in Chiswick around 7pm (Left
 	out of Turnham Green tube, under railway bridge, walk until
 	Chiswick High Road then turn right, cross over and its
 	behind a set of parking spaces).


 	... followed either by steak (apparently the vegiburgers are
 	also quite nice) in the Lone Star restaurant (midway between
 	Turnham Green tube & Chiswick High Road:  has a large Indian
 	in front), or Gormet Burger Kitchen (turn left instead of
 	right at Chiswick High Road, and on the right after a petrol
 	station), which does sell extremely good burgers :)

 	If you don't know anyone then look for the table with the
 	green slinky spring (this week only), or txt 07973 221 970.

 			   David Brownlee --