Subject: Various bits and pieces
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From: Chris Pinnock <>
List: regional-london
Date: 01/02/2004 14:12:22
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I'm having a clearout (just in case Life Laundry decide to do a
documentary on me). Some of it is cruft, but some people like cruft so
advertising it is worth a try... I am getting rid of:

1. IBM RS/6000. Has POWER and MCA (i.e. I don't think we run on it yet).
Belongs to Sony. Not sure whether this box boots or not. Has PS/2 key
and mouse ports. Has a graphics port same as SUN (but not sure of
wiring -- I can probably supply a SUN to BNC monitor cable).

[There is a very slim chance (<=3D0.0001% probability) that=20
they will ask for it back. Therefore if you want it and take it, there is a=
very slim change that I will ask for it back.]

2. Acorn NC, 8MB RAM, 10baseT Ethernet. This boots NetBSD/acorn32 (don't
expect too much with 8MB though).=20

[This belongs to a former boss of mine who has said I can pass it to a=20
NetBSD developer. There is a very slim chance (slimmer than the RS/6000)=20
that he will ask for it back. Therefore if you want it and take it, there=
is a very slim change that I will ask for it back.]

3. mac68k=20
	* Motorola 68040 (not tested). Has the FPU. These used to be useful=20
	for replacing units without the FPU that NetBSD/mac68k would not=20
	otherwise run on.=20
	* Two Ethertalk adaptors (AUI Ethernet).

4. Various bits and pieces of i386 cruft^Wstuff (not all tested, but
last time I used them they worked) including:
	* ISA graphics card
	* S3 Virge PCI graphics card
	* ONStream tape drive (Manuel Bouyer added support in st driver
				for this)
	* ISA Soundblaster 16
	* 2xSIMMS (8MB each?)
	* 1 64MB SD-RAM (PC-100)

5. Various bits and pieces of acorn32 stuff (have not got around to
testing any of this) including:=20
	* 2 port backplane
	* i-cubed ltd 10baseT Ethernet adaptor (plugs in with four sets=20
		of pins (17, 5, 5, 17) in one line
	* Oak Solutions BNC Ethernet adaptor (same interface as above)
	* i-cubed Ethernet module (without any connectors).
	* An Infrared handset (designed for browsing with the NC??). Not
		really acorn32 specific, but several were forced upon us
		at an Acorn show a few years back. =20

Obviously zero warranty, etc, etc.  Everything except the machines 1 and 2=
will be going to Bromley Environmental Amenities centre (i.e. the tip)=20
in a few weeks, so please let me know ASAP if you want anything. I can=20
bring small items along to the next beer/steak meeting in Chiswick.


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