Subject: Berlin: Linux audio conference announcement
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From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: regional-de
Date: 03/19/2007 21:02:33
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No idea if this is of interest to our community...

  - Hubert

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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 20:36:18 +0100
From: Salon Bruit event newsletter <>
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Subject: [Salon Bruit News] Fwd: Linux audio conference announcement

Hello all,

salon bruit recommends:

workshops, tutorials and hands on demos at the
5th International Linux Audio Conference
22 - 25 March 2007
at the Technical University Berlin | Germany

The 5th Linux Audio Conference is taking place in Berlin (Germany) in 2007.=
 The TU-Berlin is hosting the conference in cooperation with people of the
Humboldt University Berlin, the Berliner K=FCnstlerprogramm of the DAAD, th=
festival MaerzMusik, the Instituto Cervantes Berlin and the Tesla Berlin. T=
he conference shows once per year important developments in the subject mak=
ing music with Linux and open source tools. Invited is everyone who is inte=
rested in the possibilities of this platform.
  The LAC is offering a wide range of workshops, tutorials and hands on dem=
os. There will be presentations on the subjects Computer Music, Music Produ=
ction, Drivers and Sound Architectures and Audio Distributions. The LAC aim=
s at bringing together developers and users of Linux and open source audio =
software with the goal of information sharing, project discussion and music=
  Each day of the conference there is a concert which features music compos=
ed and created with open source software. One of the highlights of the conf=
erence is the demonstration of a auditorium of the TU-Berlin, that has been=
 equipped with a new spatialisation system (Wave Field Synthesis), driven b=
y a Linux-Cluster.

  The program of the conference is online and registration is possible.

  Free admission to all events except to the concerts at the Tesla and the
  LAC2007 22.3. to 25.3.2007, TU-Berlin,

Rest begards,

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