Subject: AVM-Karte unter NetBSD benutzbar? [was: ISDN4BSD news]
To: NetBSD-Deutsch <>
From: Thomas Kaepernick <>
List: regional-de
Date: 01/26/2007 22:13:44
Liebe Listener,

vor einiger Zeit kam untenstehende Meldung über netbsd-help. Da ein
CAPI-"Treiber darin auftaucht, habe ich eine Frage. Ich habe eine AVM
ISDN-PCI-Karte V. 2.0. Also eine, die nur noch über den CAPI-Treiber
von AVM betrieben werden kann. Den gibt es für Windows und Linux. Ist
es mit dem neuen ISDN4BSD-Treiber möglich, diese (passive) Karte zu
betreiben oder geht das nur für aktive Karten?

Gruß Thomas

A new version of my ISDN driver and "chan_capi" for Asterisk "1+" will be 
available around Christmas or the beginning of next year. You can expect some 
new easy to install tarballs for FreeBSD 5/6/7 then.

From the feedback I have got there are problems with some PBXs in NT-mode, 
which I have found a solution for. All the fixes are in SVN. You can keep 
track of the sources, which are the same for NetBSD and FreeBSD by running:

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn checkout svn://

Subversion can be installed from "/usr/ports/devel/subversion" on FreeBSD.

Several people have now got working [passive card] setups with my ISDN4BSD 
driver and Asterisk, on NetBSD 2/3 and FreeBSD 5/6/7, in NT-mode and TE-mode. 
I plan to release some more documentation and example files for how to 
configure ISDN4BSD with Asterisk. One person I talked with bought 5 HFC-S PCI 
A cards and put it into a NetBSD 3.0 RC5 machine, and now uses it for his 
main home PBX. His setup consists of analog and digital phones. At the moment 
3 of 5 cards are used. One is running NT-mode and the others are running 
TE-mode. From his experience the "the NetBSD machine is rock solid".

I have been working on improving the NT-mode support, so that it works better, 
"like that one is used to".