Subject: Exchange Opportunity
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From: Steve Rumble <>
List: regional-de
Date: 10/21/2004 21:27:14
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Hello all,
	Sorry for the english, but it's necessary to get my
point across most lucidly. I'm presently studying computer
science at the University of Toronto and am considering several
possible exchange opportunities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
for the 2005-2006 academic year. I'm not sure if there are any
Austrians or Swiss reading this, but I'm sure that there are
some who could provide input on the German schools I'm
considering. Ontario (the province in which Toronto resides) has
an exchange program with Baden-Wuerttemberg, essentially making
each side's public universities accessible for one-to-one
exchanges. As such, I have the chance to study at most of them,
but I've been primarily considering Uni-Freiburg and Uni-Ulm. The
former due to prior recommendation of the school and town, and the
latter due to its size (an order of magnitude smaller than U of T)
and apparently very good language studies.
	I also have the opportunity to study at TU-Wien, Uni-Wien
or ETH Zuerich. These would likely be more difficult for someone
with only two years of university german (by that point), all of
which being strictly Hochdeutsch. However, I'm open to the
challenge. I think that ETH would be an exceptional experience
(it's thought of as the MIT or Europe over here), and I seem to
recall some European NetBSDers raving about the city.
	I'd appreciate any input on the above schools and their
locales. If there are other institutions that should be
considered in B-W, I certainly wouldn't mind input on them as
well. At this point it seems that I wouldn't be able to go wrong
with any of my possible choices, but I'll have to decide where to
apply to somehow!


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