Subject: guide - czech translation
To: None <>
From: rudolf <>
List: regional-cs
Date: 08/26/2005 23:14:20

after consultation with the kind people from I've started 
translation of the NetBSD guide to czech language. It's not going to be 
a rapid process, but I want to make it happen.

So I've put a dedicated site into operation and I'm going to publish the 
translated files there:

I'm also going to publish generated html files so please review them and 
let me know about any errors and issues.

I can't make the html files with the charset=ISO-8859-2 head, with 
"XML_ENCODING= iso-8859-2" in Makefile I achieved only ISO-8859-1 with 
the specific czech characters in body as html entities. So the one html 
file currently published is generated without "XML_ENCODING= iso-8859-2" 
in Makefile and the charset is manually changed. What's the canonical 
way of generating different charset head here, please?

Two remarks to existing english text:

I have found following two sentences in the chap-intro.xml file:
"When you install &os; you have a rich set of programs and applications 
that you can install on your system."
"When you install &os; you don't find huge pre-packaged collections of 
I know what this should mean, but given like this it just doesn't sound 

In the chap-intro-applications section is also a todo mark:
<!-- *** TODO *** other emulations -->
Here definitely should be the NetBSD's capabiliy of backward 
compatibility. I've not seen very much operating systems, but I think 
the NetBSD's smooth way of upgrades makes it really different from them.