Subject: Re: DEC sun3 gear available in Ottawa
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: regional-ca
Date: 11/13/2007 14:57:46
> The info I've found says that the Sun 3/50 takes a max of 4 MB ram
> and runs at 15.7 MHz,

The 4M max is semi-false.  The -3/50 has 4M soldered onto the
motherboard, and no sockets for adding more.  However, third parties
have created daughterboards that piggyback onto the MMU, which is
socketed (and possibly other chips too, I forget - I've seen one, but
only briefly) and support more.  I don't know how much they support.

> while the Sun 3/160 takes max 16 MB and runs at 16.67 MHz.  Is this
> wrong?

I don't know on my own hook; the -3/160 I've not worked with much.  I'd
have to just look it up in (eg) the JWBirdsall hardware reference on

> What NetBSD port do they use?


> What size drive do they have?

Ask Kirk. :-)  They do 50-pin single-ended SCSI, so you can load them
up with as much SCSI disk as you have or can obtain that is or can be
made narrow-single-ended-compatible.  (This can be quite a lot; I have
such a disk that's over 17G, in service right now.)

> Please clarify what you mean by "but I run 1.4T".  1.4 Twhat?  1.4 TB
> drives?

NetBSD 1.4T.  I stopped tracking NetBSD in February 2000, and, at the
time, they named trunks with <previous release><letter> combinations.
(I'm now running 3.1 on a few machines, but haven't been doing much
with that ever since finding a compiler bug that nobody seems to care
about; while admittedly I haven't sent it PR yet, I got zero response
when I outlined it on port-sparc64.)

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