Subject: Re: DEC sun3 gear available in Ottawa
To: Douglas A. Tutty <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: regional-ca
Date: 11/13/2007 05:41:05
On Apr 5,  1:33am, "Douglas A. Tutty" wrote:
} On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 03:18:25AM -0500, der Mouse wrote:
} > 
} > > I'll carry on searching for info on these boxes.  What is their
} > > current status: do they run, can one install the current release of
} > > NetBSD on them?
} > 
} > I don't think NetBSD really works on the MicroVAX-II any longer; the
} > "16M is too tiny to even think about supporting" voices have gotten too
} > strong.  Suns with a 64M or more should Just Work; the -3/60 maxes out
} > at 24M, which is plenty for me, but I run 1.4T.
} I'll be away for a few days but I have been able to get a beginning
} glance (via google and wikipedia) at the specs.  Yes, the Sun 3's and
} microVax seem too small to be usefull.  In comparision, I have a 486DX4-100,
} its main problem being a small hard drive.  It will still run NetBSD or
} OpenBSD just fine.
} What I've found:
} The DecStation 3100's run at 16 MHz with 24 MB ram, MIPS based, and are
} about as powerful as a 486DX-33.  The question is what is the drive
} size.

     It takes a 50 pin SCSI drive, so the disk could be replaced.

} The SparcStation IPC runs at 25MHz with 48 MB ram, and are about as
} powerful as a 486DX-50.  Again, the question is drive space.

     Same as above.

} The AlphaServer, I must admit, looks like it _could_ be good, with up to
} 2 GB ram, running 200-400 MHz up to 4-way SMP.  However, it doesn't look
} like there's any free OS that runs on it.

     I don't recall the URL and I didn't save, but NetBSD does support
a number of AlphaServers.  See near
the bottom.

} I've often wished I'd had a good terminal.  The VT100 if the screen and
} keyboard are still good would be helpfull at times.

     The VT100 has a very clunky and noisy keyboard.  It also sits high
off the desk, so it isn't very ergonomic.  You probably want to look
for something like a VT220 or VT320.

} I don't know what ethernet (UTP) is available on these boxes.  I'd want

     They all support ethernet, but you might have to use a
nicrotransceiver to get UTP.

} ---
} I've been wanting to play with non-i386/amd64 boxes.  I've been wanting
} to support other arches that are open enough to be supported by NetBSD
} or OpenBSD.  I have two needs right now:  
} 	A slow thin client.  Perhaps basic X, but primarily just a slow

     Slow would be the operative word.

} 	box.  My wife gets headaches around high frequency EMF; my
} 	486DX4-100 is better for her than my Athlon64 2 GHz.

     I suspect this due more to the monitor then the computer.

} 	A file server for the home network.  I would like to separate my

     They could do this, but wouldn't be the most performant (only 10
Mbps Ethernet, slow disk controllers, etc.).

}-- End of excerpt from "Douglas A. Tutty"