Subject: Re: DEC sun3 gear available in Ottawa
To: None <>
From: Douglas A. Tutty <>
List: regional-ca
Date: 11/12/2007 19:30:52
On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 09:58:11AM -0500, Kirk Russell wrote:
> Hello,
> Free gear available for pick-up in Ottawa.  Will consider shipping
> if you are willing to pay packaging and shipping costs.
> I need to get this stuff out of my basement.
> - Sun 3/50 and Sun 3/160
> - MicroVAX-II in a BA123 enclosure
> - DEC RL02 drives
> - AlphaServer 2100
> - DECstation 3100
> - SPARCstation IPC
> - VT100 Tempest
> There will be more gear available.  I will update this webpage as
> I sort out the gear --

The webpage is unavailable right now, I'll check later.

I'm somewhat interested.  Caveat:  I'm totally unfamiare with Sun/VAX/
etc.  So I would want it for the learning experience.  Note that since
I'm not a developer they wouldn't be going to further BSD support.  To
that end, if anyone else is interested in them for that purpose, they
can have them.

I'm north of Kingston and would drive up to get the stuff (I have a 1986

I'll carry on searching for info on these boxes.  What is their current
status:  do they run, can one install the current release of NetBSD on
them?  Etc.