Subject: 2.0 has a highish load ...
To: <>
From: Stef Caunter <>
List: regional-ca
Date: 03/22/2005 21:56:49
Hi All:

Running 2.0 ( 2.0.2_BETA actually ) on a 3.06GHz P4 1GB ram, fairly stripped
down kernel compiled, with maxusers at 1024 and NMBCLUSTERS at 64k (cranked).

This is a webserver that can get pretty busy, but when it's just doing not much
it's still at 3 to 8 load average, which seems high to me. We run samba
to 3 clients for backend stuff, which I know is expensive, but it's unavoidable
and it works.

Anyone had experience with this? Our last box (1.6.1 stripped down), a p4
1.5GHz, ran at LA of 1.00 when doing next to nothing, although we would see 30
at peak times.

Is it working really hard because of the large # of fds it's managing?

Have I created something that is excessively big for the hardware?

Input appreciated. I'm paranoid about this box.