Subject: Re: Swapmeet?
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: regional-ca
Date: 02/09/2005 22:43:16
> I was thinking:

Dangerous occupation, that.  It tends to result in ideas.

> Would anyone in the Montreal/Ottawa region be interested in getting a
> HW swapmeet / NetBSD BoF event happening (or elsewhere in Canada, of
> course, but I am kinda stuck here in Montreal)?

Absolutely.  Preferably in Montreal, of course, from my point of view,
but I could do Ottawa (though I'd need driving help if I were to bring
more than a very few machines with me - and for a swapmeet, bringing
machines is half the point).

> (However a swapmeet would probably work best sometime past April...
> snow&ice tend to disagree with most HW...)

Not as badly as rain.  And not as badly as you might think in any
case.  Just a month or two ago, I was walking along the street and
someone had a CD drive out in the snow, no enclosure or anything, wth a
sticky label wrapped around the front labeled SCRAP.  I picked it up
thinking I might be able to salvage useful parts.  But just for the
heck of it I tried hooking it up, and it seems to work just fine!  I
don't know what provoked the SCRAP label, but if it really was a drive
problem, sitting outside in the snow seems to have cured it.  (I did
let it warm up and dry out for a couple of days, positioned so that the
melting snow would drain away from it rather than into it, before
risking powering it up.)

> That being said, now for the free stuff - there's a Mac Quadra 700 up
> for grabs for anyone willing to pick it up from McGill.  And I still
> have a Sparc LX looking for a good home;

I'd certainly cheerfully take either or both, though I honestly have
plenty of hardware and don't want to get greedy.  But I would most
definitely take them rather than see them thrown out.

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