Subject: sparc for trade (again)
To: None <>
From: Joachim Thiemann <>
List: regional-ca
Date: 01/03/2005 12:18:34
Hello, sorry for the minor abuse of this list but regional-ca doesen't 
seem to get much traffic these days (noone running a BoF meet these 
days???) and there seems to be no netbsd-marketplace list....

Anyways:  I'm about to move and due to space constraints need to give 
up (and hopefully replace!) my home server:

Sun SparcStation5, with TurboSparc CPU (160MHz), 256M RAM.
cgsix and FAS366/HME (wide scsi+100mbit ethernet) SBUS cards
9G internal SCA disk, 4G SCA disk in external enclosure on wide scsi.
CDROM that may or may not be functional
17E10 monitor, type 5 kbd, ball mouse, all in good condition.
it's uptime is right now 22 days (power failure last month), running 
2.0_RC5; it's only been used to run dovecot and ftpd.

If I can get something off my wish-list in exchange, you can have the 
whole thing lock, stock, and barrel; if not, I'll keep the SCSI stuff 
and use my old LX, which is slower but smaller :-) and the rest would 
probably go to der Mouse, Kirk, Doug, or Benoit (from sunquebec), or 
whoever is willing to give it a good home.

It's located in downtown Montreal.

Wishlist: I'm looking for a post-beige G3 (or better :-) mac, desktop 
preferred... a netwinder would be an almost as cool replacement home 
server, whilst being a lot smaller and QUIETER (those two SCA drives 
make quite a whine, but it's normal, I'm told).  Or, if someone has a 
5-10G range SCSI disk that can be put into an LX, it would also fix my 
server situation...