Subject: Re: Help with SparcStation20 and NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Joachim Thiemann <>
List: regional-ca
Date: 08/18/2004 02:44:53
Oops, sending problems, sorry if this is a dup. Need sleep.

On Wednesday 18 August 2004 02:04, der Mouse wrote:

> I have never seen such a beast - but then, I've never looked for one;
> I'd be more interested in one that goes the other way, to use a Sun
> keyboard on a peecee.

I was looking around - Belkin has such a beast, to connect Sun Kbd, mouse 
and monitor to a PeeCee.

> It may well not be an offer you want to take advantage of, but I have
> enough spare Sun keyboards that I'd be happy to send you one if you
> want.  Drop me a note off-list and we'll figure out the details.

....and if you were 8 hours further east in Montreal, you could get a Sun 
monitor, due to McGill cleaing out a lab.  In fact, I've got a GDM-17E10 
here which my roommate picked up in the mistaken idea he could hook it up 
to his Wintel box (HA! Though it is possible, it involves a bit of internal 
rewiring and you still need an adapter) so it's just taking up space here.  
Free to good home, and yes, this time I'd even let der Mouse take it :-)

> I know 13W3-to-DE15 passive adapter cables exist; I own two of them
> (one of which is in regular use at $ORK).  Unfortunately I didn't buy
> either one, so I don't know where they came from.  If you want, I can
> probably roust out the people who did buy them and find out.

Adapters to hook VGA monitors to 13W3 are fairly easy to find on ebay. (I 
also saw the Belkin box there)