Subject: Re: Hey folks!
To: None <>
From: Philippe St-Jacques <>
List: regional-ca
Date: 02/02/2004 18:40:30
der Mouse wrote:

>Hey!  This city is turning out to be a positive _hotbed_ of NetBSD
>activity - we'll have to do a NetBSD fest of some sort, sometime!
Yeah! NetBSD is *the* hot OS. But we must not do an install-fest like do 
many linux users, or must we ?

>>BTW: willing to swap a uVAX-II with 9meg ram and 170Meg drive for
>>other interesting hardware :-)
I don't know what I can offer .. but I want to try new archs :) I know 
only i386/sh3(dreamcast)/ppc.
See you around! Maybe we cross NetBSD users in the bus and never know!