Subject: Minutes of LinuxWorld Planning Lunch
To: None <,>
From: Tom Miller <>
List: regional-boston
Date: 03/10/2006 19:14:44
Hi everyone! 

With help from Brian Asemi, I've put together
a brief report on the NetBSD planning lunch 
which was held on Thursday, March 9, 2006 to
discuss NetBSD presence at the upcoming 
LinuxWorldBoston show.  


Carl "Alex" Alexander (
Brian Asemi (
Russ Cox (
Martin Cracauer (
Tom Miller (

Friends not able to attend the lunch
but possibly able to help at the show:

Simon Chang (
Darrin Jewell (

Dates of LinuxWorldBoston show:

April 3-6, 2006

LinuxWorldBoston website:


Brian made arrangments to share FreeBSD's booth. 
Martin will help co-ordinate arrangments with 
the FreeBSD folks. 


Brian is expecting to receive exhibitor passes 
from Matt Olander.  Since "exhibits only" passes
are free to those who register in advance of the
show, we suggest that everyone visit the above 
URL and register for a free pass not later than
April 2. 


Brian is reviewing the existing NetBSD .pdf flyer
to make sure it is still accurate.  Tom will 
duplicate the flyer, and Alex volunteered to help
defray duplication expenses. 

Brian made arrangments to get the NetBSD banner, 
which is in the mail to Brian from Jeff Rizzo. 


Tom and Brian have IBM z50s which could be on 
display.  Tom has a Powermac 7300 which also
is available.  The famous NetBSD toaster is 
undergoing a "factory" refurbishing, and we hope
that it will be available in time for the show. 
Brian has a NEC MobilePro 780.  


We could use a few more people and maybe another
piece of fun hardware. 


Thanks to everyone who attended and also to 
the friends who could not join us for lunch
but whom we hope to see at the expo.  Special
thanks to our courageous and unprejudiced 
friends, Martin and Russ, who joined us from
the FreeBSD and Plan 9 communities. 

                 -- Tom Miller