Subject: RE: NetBSD Booth at LinuxWorld Boston Update
To: Brian Asemi <>
From: Will H. Backman <>
List: regional-boston
Date: 02/27/2006 11:48:18
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> Subject: NetBSD Booth at LinuxWorld Boston Update
> Hi everyone.  I just talked to Ellen Boland from LinuxWorld on the
> phone, and she informed me that there is indeed a space on the Expo
> floor for free, non-commercial projects.  She said that the list of
> projects for this area has been finalized, but to send her an e-mail
> anyways, so she can forward it to the people who are in charge of
> confirming booths, and if any openings come up, we can get one.  I'll
> ask her how likely it is that we'll get a booth, so we can gage how
> likely it is that we'll need to share FreeBSD's booth and plan
> accordingly.
> Someone mentioned that a requirement of having a booth is having
> at the booth at all hours of the expo.  This shouldn't be a problem,
> it seems we have at least one or two people from Boston interested,
> I know someone from Maryland who might make the trek up here to attend
> as well.  I am available pretty much anytime during the expo, but may
> have to leave an hour or so early on a couple of days to make it to
> Anywho, those are all the updates as of now, I'll let everyone know
> Ellen says.
> -Brian

People with an existing booth might be willing to share space.  The
Linux Link Tech show (podcast) begged for a booth and got one in the dot
org pavilion.  They have mentioned that they are not really sure what
they will do with the space except meet with people.  They may be
willing to share.  One of the hosts also runs netbsd.