Subject: Re: NetBSD booth at Linux World Boston
To: Tom Miller <>
From: Brian Asemi <>
List: regional-boston
Date: 02/25/2006 03:06:32
Tom Miller wrote:
> Brian Asemi <> wrote:
>> Tom Miller wrote:
>>> Brian Asemi <> wrote:
>>>> Tom Miller wrote:
>>>>   > You know, the NetBSD locals used to get together
>>>>> once in awhile for dinner at inexpensive but
>>>>> good restaurants.  Possibly the NetBSD booth at
>>>>> the Linux conference will provide the motivation
>>>>> for a planning meeting. . . . 
>>>> What restaurants?  I'd definitely be interested in this.
>>> Little India in Waltham was popular as were several 
>>> places around Central Square in Cambridge. 
>> Hmm, I've never been to that place in Waltham, but everything I've had 
>> in Central Square has been good.  Let me know if you'd be interested in 
>> organizing anything like this or know anyone else who would be.
> How about if we meet for lunch at India Pavilion, 17 Central Square, 
> on Thursday, March 9 at 12:00 noon?  Lunch has the all-you-can-eat 
> buffet for cheap.  :-)  If you say, "Yes," then everyone else is 
> automatically invited.  
Sure!  Buffets are great.  I have class at 2:30 on thursdays, but lunch 
should be over well before then.

A few updates about the expo: Dru sent an e-mail to the netbsd-advocacy 
list saying that she needs the names of whoever will be available for 
the FreeBSD (*BSD?) booth, and what hours you'll be available.  I'm 
going to wait and see what it takes to get a booth for NetBSD, and if it 
looks like we'll be able to keep it manned at all hours of the expo (I 
kind of doubt this), then e-mail her with my available hours.

I also called one of the sales managers - I think that's what they're 
called - and left her a voicemail inquiring about booths for open 
source, non-commercial projects.  Hopefully she gets back to me soon.