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Re: Work Wanted

Berndt Josef Wulf said:
> G'day,
> Thought to give it a shot on the regional mailing list. I'm looking
> for work in the areas of System Administration, Software and
> Electronics Engineering.  Please contact me should you be aware of any
> openings within Australia.
> cheerio Berndt

Hi Berndt,

The list is not hugely active, so not sure if you'll get many responses
unless people have emailed you off-list.

You didn't say where in Australia you're looking for work...?

Get a feel for the jobs on offer in your area by searching on job sites
like Seek[1], CareerOne[2] and JobServe[3].  Sign up on these sites and
upload your CV so people can find you in searches.

Are you on LinkedIn[4]?  I get quite a few job offer contacts through
that network.

Consider joining a relevant industry association like SAGE-AU[5] (the
System Administrators Guild of Australia) who have very active technical
and career support mailing lists including a jobs list.







Andrew Shugg <>          

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