Subject: Seeking sysadmin and/or tech-support contacts in Melbourne
To: None <>
From: Sot <>
List: regional-au
Date: 04/26/2007 15:52:17
This would most likely be relevant only to those in Melbourne.

Would anyone know of, or happen to be, a member of a technical support 
group interested in providing system administration and technical 
support on an as-needed basis for a computing environment, which 
consists of two NetBSD/i386 servers and a handful of Windows XP desktop 

The desktop computers are a mix of Windows XP Professional and Windows 
XP Home Edition, operating in standalone (workgroup?) mode.  One of the 
NetBSD/i386 servers is using Samba to provide file services only, to the 
local Windows desktops as well as to a small number of Windows desktops 
at a remote location through a VPN.  The other NetBSD/i386 server exists 
primarily to assist with the nightly data backups.

The site is located in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Not really sure where to begin looking, so I thought I'd begin by asking 
those with an interest or involvement with NetBSD.  I'm guessing that 
there's an abundance of people who could provide Windows support, but 
probably not as many who could provide UNIX/BSD/Linux support as well. 
Any information would be appreciated.  If anyone has any questions, let 
me know.