Subject: Barebones file server?
To: None <>
From: Joe Hovel <>
List: regional-au
Date: 06/20/2006 00:48:31
Sorry if something like this has been asked before:
Can someone point me to a bare-bones file server distro to run on an Intel
Pentium 120 with 16MB of Ram?
I have a Libretto 50CT (mini laptop) which I want to use as a file server on
a wired LAN. I have used it for that purpose running Win95B successfully,
but would like to dip my toes into BSD or *nix territory.
I suspect it can be done much more efficiently without a GUI (not required)
and have just purchased a 40GB drive which Windows can't access completely
in the Libretto (8GB limit).
I need to be able to access files on the server from the Windows PCs on the
LAN and
save/erase/edit them in situ. 
Nothing more is required, not even any security.
In summary, I need an OS capable of accessing a 40GB drive, network drivers
for my Xircom 10/100 Ethernet card, SMB (Samba?) file access software, and
some way to load the lot: driver for a Libretto (PCMCIA) floppy disk or
parallel port CD ROM drive I have. Alternatively, I could copy the
installation files to the hard drive on my (WinXP) PC using rawrite or
something like it and install it from there (if that's possible in *nix).

My last excursions into BSD & Linux (~3 years ago) were disasters - couldn't
get anything to work
in any way that I could use or make sense of..... 
I'm very familiar and comfortable with DOS and all flavours of Windows (Ver
1.0 to 2003).


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