Subject: Rack cabinet & shelves available in Melbourne
To: None <>
From: David Burren <>
List: regional-au
Date: 06/15/2005 10:07:08
Two months ago I managed to get rid of one of my 19" racks fairly  
quickly via this list.  At the time we were cleaning out our house  
prior to auction inspections.  Now we're about to move altogether,  
and I have one more rack which I don't have a place for in the new  
So it's time to try again...

It's a DEC rack cabinet.  5 feet high, on wheels with screw-down feet  
to lock it in place.
This was intended to house two DECsystem 5500s (although some people  
on this list will remember squeezing four into a single cabinet).   
It's closed on top and on the sides, but open front and back (I no  
longer have the original doors).  At various times in its life it's  
had 19" gear bolted into it, but at the moment it's just got  
shelves.  It has two full-length DEC flat shelves (one has been  
supporting two tower machines, and the other a flat-bed scanner) and  
there's also a short black shelf attached at the top front (has been  
holding a couple of serial & VGA switch boxes and assorted bits).  To  
finish off the picture, the flat top of the cabinet has been  
supporting an Epson printer for a while, and a UPS has been sitting  
in the base of the cabinet.

I've got another one of those black shelves in storage which will get  
unpacked soon and is also surplus: that is a bit deeper and at one  
stage held a stereo amplifier.

I also have a standard rack shelf (perforated metal) left over from  
another cabinet.  It isn't really suited to this one as it's awkward  
to screw in with the closed cabinet sides.

All this stuff is free to a good home.  The rack will be available  
after this weekend, but needs to be picked up in the following week  
(by the 26th or so).
It's in Camberwell, and you'll need a trailer (or maybe a ute).

Please drop me a line off-list if you're interested.

David Burren