Subject: NetBSD mirror available on WAIX
To: PLUG List <>
From: Cameron Patrick <>
List: regional-au
Date: 01/11/2005 10:38:58
Hi folks,

For all our Perth-resident masochists^W BSD geeks, I've set up a
partial NetBSD mirror at UCC.  To my knowledge, this is the only one
in WA.  Note that it is accessible only to people on WAIX-connected
networks, which includes most ISPs in WA, and excludes most of the
rest of the world.

We currently have ISOs for the following architectures: alpha, amd64,
i386 (including live CD and packages), luna68k, mac68k, macppc, pmax,
sgimips, source, sparc64, sparc and vax.  If people want any others
mirrored, feel free to request them.

There is also a full mirror of the CVS repository, currently a bit out
of date but which will be updated dailyish when I get around to
setting up a cron job.

ISOs are available at:

The CVS repository is available via rsync (for those who want the
whole lot):
or via CVS pserver:
    cvs -d login
    The password is blank (i.e. just press enter when asked).

Have fun!