Subject: Re: IPv6 Connectivity in Oz
To: None <>
From: John Duncan <>
List: regional-au
Date: 06/09/2004 21:27:03
"George F. Costanzo" <> writes:

> Have a look at:
> The aarnet broker uses the freenet6 client to give you your ips, while
> uses a web interface mainly. I use the aarnet service
> because my ip isn't static, so I just get the client to run every time
> my net comes up. I know someone who uses the service with a
> static ip and he's set up the reverse dns for it with the help of the
> web interface.
> Both services work fairly well and have decent ping times around
> Australia, but they noticeably slow down when they cross the ocean
> obviously. 
> I remember I tried to google up isps offering ipv6 in Australia a few
> months ago but they seem to be ignoring it on a whole. I found a few
> slides and papers from a university or two in Australia saying how they
> plan to convert their network to use ipv6 but they were dated around
> 2000. I think that sort of fell through. Maybe in 10 years.

    Thanks George,
                  I too had googled without much joy. You have given me
a starting point.
                                 All the best,
                                    John Duncan