Subject: RE: IPv6 Connectivity in Oz
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From: George F. Costanzo <>
List: regional-au
Date: 06/08/2004 21:25:09
Have a look at:

The aarnet broker uses the freenet6 client to give you your ips, while uses a web interface mainly. I use the aarnet service
because my ip isn't static, so I just get the client to run every time
my net comes up. I know someone who uses the service with a
static ip and he's set up the reverse dns for it with the help of the
web interface.

Both services work fairly well and have decent ping times around
Australia, but they noticeably slow down when they cross the ocean

I remember I tried to google up isps offering ipv6 in Australia a few
months ago but they seem to be ignoring it on a whole. I found a few
slides and papers from a university or two in Australia saying how they
plan to convert their network to use ipv6 but they were dated around
2000. I think that sort of fell through. Maybe in 10 years.

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> Hi,
>    Just installed NetBSD 2.0 BETA and had to get the sets from the
> French site. I think that the install used IPv6 addresses. This is new
> to me.
>    I hear that Comcast and others overseas are starting to give their
> customers IPv6 addresses. What is the go here in Australia ? Any
> chance
> of such things here or are there already some such set-ups ?
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