Subject: [SAGE-VIC] Talk -- 11am MONDAY 31 May: Internet Mapping Experiences, Bill Cheswick
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This might be of interest ...

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	Talk -- 11am MONDAY 31 May: Internet Mapping Experiences,
	Bill Cheswick

Hi all,

Some of you may find the following talk interesting if you can get



Time:        MONDAY 31 May 2004,    11:00am - 12:00noon

Venue:       Theatre 3, ICT Building
             111 Barry Street, CARLTON

Speaker:     Bill Cheswick, Chief Scientist, Lumeta Corp.  NJ.

Title:       Experiences with Internet and Intranet Mapping


	The Internet Mapping Project started at Bell Labs in 1997 to
	collect long term Internet topological data and visualize the
	results.  In 1999 we focused on the Serbian internet during the
	NATO bombing, and observed major connectivity disruptions.

	In 2000, this technology was spun off to a startup company,
	Lumeta.  Since then, Lumeta has enhanced this technology and
	scanned over fifty large corporate intranets, and a number of
	critical government networks.  We can now report generalized
	characteristics of these large networks, showing variations in
	network management techniques and control over large networks.

	We are now working on tools to configure the Honeyd anti-hacking
	tool to emulate these large networks.

About the speaker:
	Ches has been out and about in the Internet security field since
	the late 1980s. He is known for his early work in firewalls
	and proxies, and for the book he has co-authored with Steve
	Bellovin and now Avi Rubin. In summer 2000 Ches helped spin off
	the Internet cartography he did at Bell Labs with Hal Burch into
	a startup, Lumeta Corp, which explores the extent and perimeter
	hosts of corporate and government intranets.


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