Subject: AS8400 to a good home in the Sydney/Wollongong area
To: None <>
From: Paul Ripke <>
List: regional-au
Date: 05/03/2004 15:33:27
Anyone interested in the following? I believe it will run NetBSD
fine if the QLogic SCSI card is replaced. Make an offer! I'd prefer
to see it not go to the scrap heap.

Rack 1 - DA-AN2GF-B9, Dimensions: 600 W x 2000 H x 1040 D:
AlphaServer 8400
CPUs: 8 x EV56 (21164A) 625 MHz with 4 MB L2 cache
RAM: 2048 MB
PCI Expansion bus with:
	2 x 21140 TULIP 10/100 Mbit UTP ethernet cards
	2 x kzpsa Fast-Wide-Differential SCSI adapters
	1 x faulty QLogic ISP1040B differential SCSI adapter
Rack mounted BA350 with:
	1 x 4.5 GB disk drive
TL891 10 slot mini DLT library with 1 x TZ89 (DLT7000) tape drive

Rack 2 - DS-SWXES-AB, Dimensions: 600 W x 1700 H x 920 D:
2 x HSZ70 redundant pair disk array controllers with:
	6 x 4.5 GB disks
	30 x 9 GB disks, 3 faulty
	6 x 18 GB disks

Paul Ripke
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