Subject: (fwd) Brisbane BSD SysAdmin/php-mysql Developer Urgent Position
To: None <>
From: Andrew Shugg <>
List: regional-au
Date: 11/19/2003 19:29:05

Know anyone in Brisbane looking for work?  Looking for work yourself?
This job description doesn't specify which particular BSD they're using,
but if you're a NetBSD guru then you should be able to maintain other
BSD systems without breaking out into hives.  =)

Responses to Ben, not me: I'm just forwarding it on.


----- Forwarded message from Ben Cornish <> -----

Subject: Brisbane BSD SysAdmin/php-mysql Developer Urgent Position

Brisbane ISP in need of a replacement Sysadmin/Developer

Urgent Position in need:
Replacing an exisiting person leaving soon.

Sucessfull applicant will be the sole BSD Sysadmin for the Company and be
100percent responsible for all of the BSD hosts.
Role Includes the following day to day Tasks

40 Percent sole Sysadmin
40 Percent Development
20 Percent NOC Suport

* Day to Day maintenance of 15 BSD / Debian Servers Geographically Spread
* Postmaster mail Queue admin, including handling of Abuse and Spam complaints
* Support the NOC in large VPN roleouts
* Deployment of new servers and services within the network
* Monitor and maintain Unix backup tape systems
* Maintain network wide security and respond to all incidence
* Oncall afterhours pager support
* Take necessary steps to enable continuous uptime to all servers
* DNS Hostmaster, maintain additions and removals of DNS domain system
* Help desk support with in the NOC for DSL faults
* Presales tech support to sales team
* Reporting back to NOC manager on all incidents and events where necessary.
* and Much much more...

Development Role
We runs a large custom written internal database that is constantly being
developed to add more features. The successful applicant will be the new
developer for this database and will be responsible for absorbing what is
currently written and then continue to develop it onwards. The current
code is very well written.Heavy Mysql, Postgresql and PHP knowledge with
integrationto convention
systems such as Nagios, Radius, MRTG, SNMP and Cisco systems is a
requirement.Minimum Required Skill Sets:
Sound and working knowledge in the following areas is expected:
* Postfix / Sendmail
* Bind / DJB DNS / DNS Cache
* Perl / Cgi / Apache / PHP
* Mysql / PostgreSQL
* Expect
* Bourne Shell / Bash Scripts
* IP Tables / IP Filter
* Radius / Taccacs

If you have the necessary skills required for this position, and are
looking for a challenging role in a large organisation, please forward
your resume to and phone 0417 617 204 ASAP.
This Position will be filled very quickly, Interviews will be necessary in
the next 48 hours, decission to be made in the next 72 hours. Applicants
with quit time of 4weeks at their currently employment will not be

Ben Cornish
Technical Operations Manager
iExec Pty Ltd - Corp. Internet Supplier
Ph 1300 659 222
Mobile 0417 617 204

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