Subject: modifying behaviour of make on package basis
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From: Malcolm Herbert <>
List: regional-au
Date: 07/10/2003 12:59:56
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I posted this last week, but didn't see it show up (perhaps because I
posted from an address which wasn't the one I signed up with, dunno)

Anyway, here it is again and I apologise if you've seen it already.

On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 04:06:11PM +1000, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
|Hi guys ... this is driving me nuts but it still looks like it should
|work ...
|I'm wanting to add some options to configure when compiling a particular
|package (in this case, Net-SNMP) but I don't want to put them into the
|package-level Makefile as this is part of the CVS tree ... so, thinking
|that these should go into /etc/mk.conf, I added the following:
||.if ${PKGNAME:Mnet-snmp} !=3D ""
||CONFIGURE_ARGS+=3D        --with-mib-modules=3Dhost
|however when I run make now it complains:
||aeolos[...pkgsrc/net/net-snmp] 27v:: makeritten
||make: "/etc/mk.conf" line 27: Malformed conditional (${PKGNAME:Mnet-snmp}=
 !=3D "")
||make: "/usr/pkgsrc/net/net-snmp/../../mk/" line 338: if-less =
||make: "/usr/pkgsrc/net/net-snmp/../../mk/" line 338: Need an =
||make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
||make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/net/net-snmp
||aeolos[...pkgsrc/net/net-snmp] 28v::=20
|... I'm obviously getting my .if conditional wrong somehow, however
|I can't see how, since this format appears to be used all over the .mk
|files in /usr/pkgsrc/mk/* ...=20
|any ideas? Is this even the right place to do this? if not, where should
|I put such things?

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