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Re: INSTALL kernel exceeds 5MB for zaurus

On 2017/02/09 2:27, Swift Griggs wrote:
On Thu, 9 Feb 2017, Rin Okuyama wrote:
 - drop FFS_EI and Apple UFS supports from fsck_ffs and newfs (13.4KB)

I've tried to use Apple UFS file systems under NetBSD and had mixed results anyhow. At one point, I experienced some corruption, too (but it was probably because of something I did). So, it's not something that I, for one, would miss. I do like being able to read their old disklabels, though (apple UFS).

I'm just talking on the install media for zaurus. I do *not* mean that
Apple UFS support should be withdrawn from NetBSD. The failure of it is
another problem. It would be better to send PR if possible.


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