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Zaurus SL-C700/750/760/860 support added


As seen in source-changes@ list, I've committed PXA25x based
Zaurus SL-C700/750/760/860 support, ported by TOYOKURA Atsushi:

zboot update was also committed by nonaka@ so now we can use zboot
to load a netbsd-INSTALL kernel from FAT partition on bootstrap:

For easy trial of NetBSD/zaurus, I've also built and put
a pre-installed NetBSD/zaurus 1GB SD image:

This pre-installed image includes all necessary files
(bootloaders in FAT, all NetBSD binaries in FFS partition) and
you can write this image to 1GB SD by gunzip(1) + dd(1) on NetBSD
(and other UNIX like OSes), or Rawrite32 utility on Windows:

To boot the pre-installed image on C700:
- boot maintenance kernel and login root
 # cd /mnt/card
 # ./zboot
 (press space to abort autoboot)
 > boot netbsd.c700

To boot on C750/760/860/1000/3x00:
- boot Zaurus Linux
- exec some terminal
 $ su
 # cd /usr/mnt.rom/card
 # insmod -f zbsdmod.o
 # ./zboot

For usual installation, there is no INSTALL docs (yet)
but here is an updated installation tips:

Notes on C700
- C700 requires a special kernel due to zbsdmod.o constraints
  and there is no INSTALL kernel for C700 (comming soon)
- you have to use maintenance kernel to boot NetBSD/zaurus
  (probably due to memory restriction)

- fetch NetBSD-current snapshot binaries
- Copy following files to SD or CF

- Note SD driver on Zaurus Linux has a bug and it can't handle 2GB SD
  (note NetBSD/zaurus -current supports both 2GB SD and >2GB SDHC)
  so you have to use 1GB SD on bootstrap
- To use SDHC and 2GB SD on Zaurus Linux for bootstrap, you can use
  custom Zaurus Linux drivers:
  but there is no way to use >1GB SD on maintenance kernel 

- boot Zaurus Linux (on C750/760/860/1000/3x00)
  or maintenance kernel (on C700)
- install and start some terminal emulater on it
   http://www.users.on.net/~hluc/myZaurus/ might help  
   (not necessary on maintenance kernel)
- su root on shell prompt (not necessary on maintenance kernel)
   bash-2.05% su
- install zbsdmod.o LKM
   # cd /usr/mnt.rom/card (for SD) 
    # cd /usr/mnt/rom/cf (for CF)
    # cd /mnt/card (for SD on maintenance kernel)
    # cd /mnt/cf (for CF on maintenance kernel)
   # insmod zbsdmod.o (on C1000/3x00)
   # insmod -f zbsdmod.o (on C7x0/860)
    (note you can ignore version mismatch warnings on C7x0/860)
- boot install kernel via zboot
   # ./zboot
    (press space to abort auto boot)
   > boot path:/usr/mnt.rom/card/netbsd-INSTALL
    (use appropriate path for your media and kernel as noted above)
  then sysinst of NetBSD/zaurus install kernel will start
  as other NetBSD ports
- to fetch installation sets, you can use a CF disk, USB CD/DVD drives,
  or CF NICs

- as noted above, FAT on CF is mounted on /usr/mnt.rom/cf and
  SD is on /usr/mnt.rom/card on Zaurus Linux
- on maintenance kernel, CF is mounted on /mnt/cf and SD is on /mnt/card
- to start GENERIC kernel after install, zboot can load NetBSD/zaurus kernel
  from FFS partition by default
- NetBSD/zaurus kernel recognize booted device automatically
  if the kernel is loaded zboot

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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