Subject: Re: what handheld or low-power computer?
To: Chris Wareham <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: port-zaurus
Date: 03/27/2007 18:25:38
> You might be able to tell from the tone of this post that I'm pretty
> keen on these gizmos, and you'd be right. It's really a laptop in a very
> small form factor (complete with USB, sound chip and wireless networking
> via a compact flash port). I just can't understand why Sharp never
> officially sold them much, if at all, outside Japan.

Thanks for all the info. You mentioned your touch screen and sound and 
USB, but the says not yet supported:

    * Sound chip (zaudio)
    * USB Controller (pxaudc)
    * Touch panel (ztp)
    * SD/MMC
    * Power management and suspend

Why does it say not supported?

I cc'd this to the Zaurus list. I think this may be a system like I want 
to use... Thanks again.

  Jeremy C. Reed