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Re: Problems booting NetBSD/Xen on Intel NUC 12 Extreme w/ i9-12900

>>>>> Michael van Elst <mlelstv%serpens.de@localhost> writes:

    > c%bow.st@localhost ("Mathew\, Cherry G.*") writes:
    >>>>>>> "Brad" =3D=3D Brad Spencer <brad%anduin.eldar.org@localhost> writes:
    >> >> The only remaining show stopper issue at the moment seems to
    >> be >> that I have yet to be able to bridge Internet connectivity
    >> into a >> DOMU from my 10_BETA DOM0 (yes, the ure0 that I use for
    >> access >> and the xvifNiM are connected to the same bridge, which
    >> is up, >> and, yes according to sysctl both v4 and v6 forwarding
    >> is >> active).

    > Bridging the xvif interfaces should just work.

    > forwarding is about routing packets, it's not necessary for a
    > bridge.

Sure - in this case L2 packets (see the "L2" above).

    > macvlan on Linux is an optimized bridge. You can create virtual
    > sub-interfaces that are bridged with the host interface and use
    > the sub-interfaces for virtual machines or usually:
    > containers. Since you configure the (random) MAC addresses on the
    > host it doesn't have to learn them. This makes starting containers
    > faster.

To my understanding, this works pretty much how a NAT works in L3 - ie;
by rewriting L2 frame addresses on the outbound/inbound interface on the
bridge for the "sub-interfaces".


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