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Re: Xen root filesystem on disk with gpt partitions

	Hello Brook.  I was thinking of the domu, but my instructions should work for dom0 as
well.  the boot loader can take either disk numbers, i.e. dk0, dk1, etc. or it can take
partition names.  I like the names better because there is no chance that a reordering of disks
will cause the wrong partition to get matched as the root or swap filesystem.  I believe the
ability to use the partition label as a mounting handle came into being for NetBSD-8, but it
could be that it wasn't officially in a release until -9.  

Hope that helps.

On Dec 13, 11:50am, Brook Milligan wrote:
} Subject: Re: Xen root filesystem on disk with gpt partitions
} > On Dec 13, 2022, at 11:45 AM, Brian Buhrow <buhrow%nfbcal.org@localhost> wrote:
} > 
} > 	hello Brook.  To do what you want, partition your virtual disk as you would any other disk,
} Thanks for the information.
} You mention â??virtual diskâ?? though, which to me implies you are thinking of the domU.  Is that true?
} For the moment, Iâ??m trying to get the dom0 booted.  (Using root=dk0 worked.)
} Cheers,
} Brook
>-- End of excerpt from Brook Milligan

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