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Re: Xen root filesystem on disk with gpt partitions

	hello Brook.  To do what you want, partition your virtual disk as you would any other disk,
using the gpt tool.  As part of that partitioning process, label your gpt partitions using
names like root, swap, etc. It doesn't matter which names you use, just so long as you write
them down and know which partitions they reffer to.

Then, in your /etc/fstab file on the system, do something like:

NAME=root / ffs rw,log 1 1

Here, the partition is named root, but I could have used any name, as long as it matched the
name in the gpt partition label, so when the mount code searches for the root partition, it can
match on the proper partition.  
also, once the root partition is mounted, it will show up as /dev/dk<number>, rather than as
the name you specified in the label.  

For further information, see the man pages for fstab(5)
and gpt(8).


On Dec 13, 11:20am, Brook Milligan wrote:
} Subject: Xen root filesystem on disk with gpt partitions
} I want to boot Xen on a disk with gpt partitions.  Is that possible?  If so, how do I specify the root filesystem?
} Thanks,
} Brook
>-- End of excerpt from Brook Milligan

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