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latest windows-in-domU driver wisdom?

I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to run a windows 10 domU.  (dom0 is NetBSD 9.2, which is why I'm writing here).  I'd love some guidance from anyone else in this position; I've been Googling in the wider world of Xen for this stuff for the last couple days and keep coming up with sparse and sometimes conflicting info;  I get the sense that most Linux users have moved away from Xen, so their anecdotes are aging rapidly. Hopefully someone else running Xen and NetBSD has some better (or at least more appropriate to my situation) guidance.  Apologies in advance  for the Windows-heavy content of this message.  :)

I've gotten as far as successfully installing and running windows 10 on the domU; it runs, I can reboot it, but performance is terrible, as I think should be expected from a baseline install. So, I figured the next step was to install the Windows PV drivers available here:


Ignoring the odd choice of distributing Windows drivers as tar files, I managed to get all the drivers copied over to my VM and installed - and then the VM would no longer boot at all.  After a few hours of fiddling (and a complete reinstall), I figured out that support for "test signed" drivers needed to be enabled in Windows, so I did that.  I got a couple of drivers installed OK (rebooting between each install this time, to figure out which one is causing problems), and have run into a few of them which, when installed, make Windows hang forever (or at least 10 minutes) during reboot.  Once I've gotten a boot hang, I have to go through the process of getting Windows into "Safe Mode" (which takes 5-10 minutes of babysitting the VM because I have to hit keys at the right time, and also select from menus) and then uninstall the offending driver.

Thus far, these drivers seem to have installed OK (and windows performs somewhat better due to some of them):






and these drivers cause hangs:



Now, the xenvbd driver in particular seems like one that would improve performance if it was working properly.  Does anyone have suggestions?  Thus far, I've only tried the "9.1" versions of drivers; perhaps trying the older versions might help?

Getting this working is exhausting;  I'd appreciate any insight or help anyone can give me.  For the record, this is info on my dom0:

Xen 4.11.4nb6

NetBSD 9.2 dom0

dom0 has 1G RAM

domU has 8G RAM, and 800G disk is allocated from LVM on top of a raidframe raid1



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