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Re: raidframe root issue?

On 7/30/21 5:07 PM, Brad Spencer wrote:
Jeff Rizzo <riz%tastylime.net@localhost> writes:

with "forceroot".  Any suggestions for changes I need to make to get
this machine to boot unattended?  I'm currently using the stock
XEN3_DOM0, but am not averse to rebuilding...

A long time ago on a DOM0 I had a simular problem.  I ended up having to
pass root=raid0a in the boot.cfg file.  I have since lost what I did as
I have not had to do this in a long time.  I note that "man 8 boot" may
provide a hint, however, in the "load" section.

*facepalm*  of course!  Thanks for the suggestion... I'm now up and running well enough  :)


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