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Re: Xen EFI bootstrap

I tried setting up NetBSD 9.0 on a machine using UEFI boot with Xen 4.11 and it would not boot the Xen kernel, but would work fine if booting the NetBSD kernel. Would this be fixed by your changes? When it tries to boot, the Xen kernel, it transitions to a black screen and does not proceed. This seems different from what you describe, where the NetBSD kernel panics so it seems like there should be some text displayed at that point.

As a fall-back, I tried to setup the GPT disk to use an MBR on one of the wedges as described in http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-xen/2018/09/14/msg009334.html . Unfortunately, this didn't work this time, it did before with 8.0, it'll display a message like "OS could not be found".

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