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Re: xentools413 build failure


> Am 26.07.2020 um 10:55 schrieb Roland Illig <roland.illig%gmx.de@localhost>:
> I fixed it in sysutils/xentools413/Makefile 1.7 after verifying that the
> paths that had been replaced in the SUBST blocks are now indeed taken
> from the configure script.

I’ll try that.

> The path to the Perl interpreter still needs to be fixed, therefore
> simply removing all the SUBST_FILES.perlpath would probably have been
> the wrong approach. Or did the package build and package fine,
Indeed it did.

> even with

I was not using that setting.

> In that case, the Perl files are probably unused, or
> at least their interpreter in line 1 is irrelevant.

That remains to be seen. 


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