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dom0 from ubuntu to NetBSD?

Dear List,

I am running ubuntu-server 19.10 and xen 4.9 on Compulab Airtop 3 (i9 CPU,
128 GB RAM, 4 x 7.68 TB SATA SSD (RAID5), 2 x 1 TB NVME (RAID1),
1 x 3.84 TB NVME, 6 x GBit Ethernet).  I run several virtual machines
(ubuntu-server, windows etc.) on this system.

What would I lose if I used NetBSD as xen dom0?

I hate some things in linux (like systemd and the "persistent" network
device names which seem to change when you least expect it).  I haven't
been using NetBSD for quite some time and am wondering if I could use
it to replace the current dom0.

Please cc: to me.



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