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Re: Instability issues with NetBSD-9, xen-4.11 and the xbdb backend driver

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 10:16:28AM -0800, Brian Buhrow wrote:
> 	hello.  Here are the results of trying an 8.1 kernel in place of my
> 5.2 kernel.  It actually does much worse than the 5.2 kernel.  The 5.2
> kernel runs reliably under light loads.  8.1
> doesn't run at all.
> Thoughts?

Can you try with a -current kernel as dom0 ?
This is what I'm testing now:
NetBSD borneo.soc.lip6.fr 9.99.17 NetBSD 9.99.17 (XEN3_DOM0) #0: Mon Nov 11 18:06:47 UTC 2019  mkrepro%mkrepro.NetBSD.org@localhost:/usr/src/sys/arch/xen/compile/XEN3_DOM0 amd64

The domU is:
NetBSD cuba.lip6.fr 8.0_STABLE NetBSD 8.0_STABLE (XEN3PAE_DOMU) #0: Sun Mar  3 11:11:18 UTC 2019  mkrepro%mkrepro.NetBSD.org@localhost:/usr/src/sys/arch/xen/compile/XEN3PAE_DOMU i386

It is Xen 4.11.2nb2, but the Xen version shouldn't matter.

Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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