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Re: Instability issues with NetBSD-9, xen-4.11 and the xbdb backend driver

	hello.  Further investigation into this issue seems to suggest there
is some sort of memory corruption going on  on the xen ring.  I'm seeing
further messages about shared memory errors from the bdback_xenbus driver.
Further, once the problem occurs, subsequent restarts of that domu fail
rapidly with similar errors.
	Given the fact that I'm seeing biodone2 errors on the domu guests, this
really looks like some sort of race condition.  here are some questions:

1.  When a guest passes a request back to the xbdback_xenbus driver, is it
expected that all requests will be fulfilled in the order in which they
were received?  I'm assuming yes, otherwise, the guest couldn't be assured
of the order of filesystem operations.  

2.  Which process is it at manages the xenbus between the dom0 host and
domu guests?

	Is anyone else running xen-4.11 with NetBSD-9?

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