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kobj_load, 428: [%M/pf/pf.kmod]: linker error: out of memory

Hey list,

My understanding is that MODULAR kernels should work on NetBSD/Xen after 8.0, but when I tried to load zfs on a domU, I get:

kobj_load, 428: [%M/zfs/zfs.kmod]: linker error: out of memory
modload: zfs: Cannot allocate memory

This seems to be the same with whatever module I try. This particular domU has 50GB of RAM configured, so I don't think it's actually running out.

The offending line seems to be:

map_rodata_base = uvm_km_alloc(module_map, round_page(map_rodata_size), 0, UVM_KMF_WIRED)

Which then returns 0 triggering the error.

I'm loading modules via /etc/modules.conf if that matters. Perhaps I should try securelevel -1.

(Please post replies to this address, I don't remember if I'm subscribed or not)

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