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Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware

  >   glmfbsd64v10.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   214
  >   glmfbsd64v93.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   234
  >   glmfbsd64v11.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   305
  >   glmfbsd64v12.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   308
  >   glmnbsd64v80.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   329
  >    glmdeb64v10.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   335
  >     glmdeb64v8.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   341
  >     glmdeb64v7.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   347
  >     glmdeb64v9.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   366
  >    glmgentoo64.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   395
  >   glmnbsd64v61.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   498
  >   glmnbsd64v70.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   502
  >   glmnbsd64v71.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   508
  >   glmnbsd64v72.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   509
  >            glm.gmplib.org-stat:64.txt   541
  >(The system naming might seem awkward, but I think it's pretty clear
  >what the abbreviations mean.)

  Thanks for this, it's a useful reference.

A much more readable compilation of timing results can be found here:

I moved NetBSD 7.2 to use HVM, and 8.0 is there too.  New results
including those changes come from jag, zen, and pile.  It is worth
noticing that HVM NetBSD 7.2 now performs like PVHVM FreeBSD (while 8.0
is somewhat slower) for this task.

I hope the machine types are clear enough, e.g., nhm = NeHaleM, sky =
SKYlake, piri = PInnacle RIdge, etc.  If not, ask, or check the first
table here: https://gmplib.org/devel/testsystems.html

Only k8, cnr, pnr lack nested page tables.  There, FreeBSD suffers as
expected.  These machines will continue running PV NetBSD.

It will be interesting to follow the progress as this hopefully happens:

1. Dom0 moves to PVH (Xen 4.12 supports it, not yet tested here)
2. NetBSD DomU PVHVM support is ready.
3. NetBSD DomU PVH support is ready.

I intend to stick to Gentoo GNU/Linux for Dom0, so any work you do for
NetBSD Dom0 will not be visible in my testing.

I might be interesting to test Dom0 PVH using GNU/Linux; if that helps
qemu dependent (i.e. HVM) guests there, NetBSD should be no different.

Please encrypt, key id 0xC8601622

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