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Re: extending LVM logical volumes for Xen root partitions is NOT so simple!

On 24/02/19 06:37, Michael van Elst wrote:
>> still considering the relative merits (in an all-NetBSD hosting
>> environment) of doing the sysinst in the domU or in the dom0.
> Treat the VM like a real machine. If you think the Dom0 could access it,
> you always need to take special care.

FWIW, in my all-NetBSD Xen system, I create all my LV root filesystem
disk images from dom0 (I have a script that makes the filesystem and
puts all the NetBSD tarballs in there and does some configuration
without user intervention), then my domUs use the fictitious disklabel
that just fakes an all-disk partition. I explicitly avoided LV
partitioning for basically the reasons you've encountered :-)


Alaric Snell-Pym   (M7KIT)

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