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Re: Options to use winxp and netbsd together with xen

On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 10:20:00AM +0300, pierre-philipp braun wrote:
> If it is really a virtual disk conversion problem, Mayuresh, I would try
> to convert it with VBoxManage instead of qemu-img, or the other way
> around.  Both support RAW, QCOW2 and VDI.  Depending on the conversions,
> the one works better than the other.

I tried both vboxmanage and qemu-img for VDI to RAW.

Size of both converted images differs by 40kb or so. But both can be
mounted on netbsd using vnconfig and look alright.

Tried VDI to VHD also, but not sure about VHD support in netbsd xen. It
didn't work.

The VB configuration shows the disk as IDE 0,1 (with 0,0 being physical CD
ROM drive). So I think it should be sda in xen conf. (Does sda/b/c matter
- anyway tried all and neither worked.)

Also, winxp is booting fine with the progress bar, logo etc up to safe
mode dialogue. In safe mode it is seen doing some chkdsk like operations
on system32 directory before running into BSOD.

I see that uuid of the disk shown in VB and that reported by 'vboxmanage
convert' to be different. (qemu-img didn't show anything, may be it has
option to do so.)

Do you think uuid change will irk winxp? Assuming so, is there a way to
override the uuid in xen conf?

I'll come to geometry after ruling out winxp and device letter problems
first. I actually do not know how to check that in winxp and then how to
manage to keep it same - whether to tell that to the converter or to xen


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