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Re: interrupt cleanup #1

Jaromír Doleček <jaromir.dolecek%gmail.com@localhost> writes:

> ne 24. 6. 2018 v 12:13 odesílatel Cherry G.Mathew <cherry%zyx.in@localhost> napsal:
>> Sometime tomorrow I'll send a first re-org patch (no functional changes)
>> followed by the actual meat later in the week.
> I have some small changes for x86/intr.c and xen/evtchn.c too. In
> intr.c pretty much just some #ifdef shuffle to make intrctl list work
> on Xen, in evtchn.c some new code on end.
> http://www.netbsd.org/~jdolecek/xen_intrctl_list.diff
> Would you mind if I'd pushed this before your changes, so that it's
> not interleaved with your intr refactoring?

Hi - not at all - thanks for asking! Please go ahead, I'll catch up with


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